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Brewery 26

A Nano-Brewery in Portland Oregon



 We make beers that we love to drink.

With rotating beers to match the seasons and a year round India Pale Ale, we're sure you'll find something you love.



Why brewery 26?

Highway 26 runs from Cannon Beach, Oregon all the way to Nebraska. Most of that stretch doesn't really mean a lot to us. However this western most stretch means a lot to us. Starting at the beautiful Oregon coast and running up to Mt. Hood with Portland as the perfect centerpiece, Highway 26 holds things near and dear to us. Oceans, mountains, and one of the best cities in the world. 

We love the northwest and are incredibly grateful to call it home. We strive to make Northwest Style Beers for Northwest Lifestyles.  


Back in 2013 two friends who loved to brew started thinking about building a bigger brewing system so that they could brew bigger batches together. While researching that they came across Nano Breweries that not only broke even, but some that were actually able to turn a profit! So they started the process…

Turn the clock forward to today. While one of the founders stepped out of the operation, the other is plugging away. Not only have we grown, it’s successful. Small scale, small batches, high quality, and a pursuit of perfection in a pint glass.

Thank you for the support!



If you are interested in selling our beer, we'd love to talk!


Distribution and Sales are through High Road Distribution.

Contact Brandon Mikel @ 971.221.7824 or

For Brewery contact:

Andy Shaw